Restaurants & Caterers

Glacé has been supplying  high quality, award winning ice cream and sorbet products to Restaurants & Caterers since 1984

For 30 years we’ve been supplying high quality ice creams, sorbets and ready made desserts to some of Sydney’s finest restaurants and chefs. Glacé can supply your restaurant, catering business or other food outlet with a full range of iced treats that will tantalise the taste buds of your customers. 

Daily preparation and ingredients

We offer a wonderful range of ice creams and sorbets that is readily available, but also exotic and unusual flavours that require 48 hours notice and a minimum order of 15 litres.We will also make special flavours on request. A minimum order of 15 litres is required for this service and at least 3 working days notice is required. 

Our ice creams are made from a crème anglaise base using only fresh cream, fresh milk, egg yolks and cane sugar. Our nuts are freshly roasted on the premises and the toffee for pralines is made in-house. We do not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and we specialise in offering unusual flavours and seasonal fruits in our products as they become available.